Value Added Tax - VAT

We make sure that your business is compliant to all HMRC legislation whilst also ensuring that no overpayments are made...

Many people refer to VAT as the Government’s method of getting companies to collect tax on their behalf for free. Whilst we’d struggle to disagree with this sentiment, we’d struggle even more to do anything about it.

From helping you decide if you should become VAT registered or not to advising you on which VAT scheme would be most efficient for you to be on; we will make your VAT life a lot easier.

VAT rules as to what rates should be charged and on what goods or services they should be charged on are complex.

We can provide you with support for planning and the administration of your VAT, and we’re happy to come to your premises to undertake this.

Specifically, we can provide your business with help and guidance on the following:

  • Assistance with setting up VAT registration with HMRC
  • Structured guidance on the planning and administration of VAT
  • On or off-site help with compiling VAT returns
  • Making provisions to reduce the possibility of any forthcoming issues with HMRC
  • Negotiation with HMRC concerning business matters and disputes regarding VAT payments
  • Representation at tribunals regarding VAT payment disputes