Personal Tax (including sole-traders and partnerships)

Personal Tax (including sole-traders and partnerships)

Whitehead & Aldrich have extensive experience in dealing with income tax, inheritance tax and capital gains tax. Call our office on 01772 259625 to schedule a meeting about any issues, questions and accounting requirements regarding your personal tax administration. Additionally, here is a breakdown of the kinds of service we can offer.


By utilizing our experience and knowledge, we can guide you through the process of self-assessment, ensuring that all boxes are ticked, I’s are dotted, and t’s crossed. We can advise you on your tax position and also offer suggestions about opportunities with regards to future tax planning. We can calculate your tax returns on your behalf, determine your tax liability and instruct you as to how much tax you must pay and precisely when to pay it.

Personal tax planning

With regards to compliance legislation, unless you are a trained and experienced accountant, knowing your full taxation responsibilities is often considered impossible. Nowadays, with increasing compliance regulations, it is important for individuals to seek advice from those who have knowledge of the system to ensure that they are doing everything that is required of them

With our experienced team of professionals, Whitehead & Aldrich can give you sound advice as to where you are, where you need to be, and where you could be in the future with regards to your personal tax situation.

Estate planning

One important but often difficult to organise financial encumbrance which none of us like to consider, let alone undertake, is planning the distribution of your personal, or a family member’s estate.

Current legislation requires us all to prepare these provisions well in advance, and by doing so, you can ensure that you take advantage of any tax exploits and avoid any serious issues that may arise with a lack of forward planning.

At Whitehead & Aldrich, we can lead you through the process of adequate provisioning of your estate with skill and discretion as follows:

  • Assistance with the creation and review of a will
  • Identification of tax exemption exploits and lower tax rates for lifetime transfers
  • The optimisation of financial accounts transfers between family members
  • The optimisation of transfers of tangible assets between family members
  • The optimisation of transfers of business properties between family members
  • The transference of assets into a trust
  • Calculation of inheritance tax payments if applicable

The transference of assets such as property, possessions and money into a trust fund is something we specialise in. We can walk you through the process, advising you on the most suitable type of trust to choose, setting up the trust and providing accounting services required to manage the trust.

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