Personal Tax (including sole-traders and partnerships)

Whitehead & Aldrich have extensive experience in dealing with income tax, inheritance tax and capital gains tax...

Personal tax covers taxes such as income tax, inheritance tax and capital gains tax. These taxes are paid by individuals, sole traders and partnerships.

We have specialists in all of these areas of taxation and just as for all other forms of tax, our aim is to make you tax efficient, ensuring you pay as little tax as possible.

Self assessment

We can advise you on your tax position and also offer suggestions about opportunities with regards to future tax planning. We will calculate your tax returns on your behalf, determine your tax liability and instruct you as to how much tax you must pay and precisely when to pay it.

Personal tax planning

This isn’t just about paying as little tax as possible, it’s also about making sure you stay within the law. Taxation legislation invariably gets more and more complex and therefore keeping compliant becomes ever harder. Our tax specialists spend a considerable amount of time keeping abreast of legislation - so you don’t have to.

Estate planning

This covers many aspects of finance, for example, ensuring your estate is subject to as little inheritance tax as possible or that any care costs you may need to be covered impact as little as possible on your assets. Planning in advance is always a good idea.

You can be assured of our support and discretion when planning for any of the following:

  • Assistance with the creation and review of a will
  • Identification of tax exemption exploits and lower tax rates for lifetime transfers
  • The optimisation of financial accounts transfers between family members
  • The optimisation of transfers of tangible assets between family members
  • The optimisation of transfers of business properties between family members
  • The transference of assets into a trust
  • Calculation of inheritance tax payments if applicable

We particularly specialise in the transference of any assets into a suitable trust for a broad range of tax efficient reasons.