Payroll, Bookkeeping & Accounts Management Services

Helping your business to grow and increase profitability...

We offer a comprehensive range of support services to help you to manage your business’s finances effectively and more efficiently. With our help combined with your business knowledge, your company will be better equipped to take on the competition, ultimately leading to the potential for increased growth and profitability.

Management information

An important weathervane which can be used to indicate the performance of a business and highlight important areas which need to be addressed is the management accounts.

With accurate and well-presented management accounts, your management team are better equipped to make important decisions on the direction of certain areas of your business.

We can work with you to prepare your management accounts (weekly, monthly or quarterly) so that you are better able to identify any and every financial development in your business and make adjustments to ultimately improve the growth rate and profitability of your business.


Relatively speaking, payroll processing systems take a huge amount of human resources to maintain and complete effectively, especially with regards to large businesses with numerous offices or locations. This process can soak up a lot of energy which could be used for other important areas of your business.

At Whitehead & Aldrich, we have the ability to take on this work for you, however large or complex your company is, at a cost-effective rate; enabling you to divert your resources to other core activities of your business.


As chartered accountants, we are very experienced in bookkeeping, and can assist you in any area of this process either at your office or ours, whichever is more convenient for you.

We can help you to reorganise your books, assist in installing and/or finalising bookkeeping software systems so that you are able to carry out this work yourself, or even aid you in finding an employee to take on this important role within your business full-time.

Business planning and forecasts

For many owners of particularly small businesses, it is easy to overlook some aspects of your business due to the day-to-day pressures of running your company. However, one aspect that should never be overlooked is your business plan.

The business plan is a key part of every business and as such it is not only important that one exists and is accurate, it is also important that it is updated frequently to encompass any changes in the business environment or potential changes that may occur in the future.

Financial forecasts are an essential part of the business plan and one that we can assist you in developing to ensure they are precise, rational and robust.

Liaising with banks and institutions

One particularly daunting task associated with business finance is communicating with banks and other financial institutions. Within these meetings it is important to be prepared, and to understand the processes and procedures that these bodies employ so that you come out of each meeting knowing that you are on top of your finances.

We can offer support in these situations, using our wealth of knowledge to guide you through each procedure so that you do not feel underprepared or overwhelmed by the process.