About Whitehead & Aldrich Accountants

Did you know that anyone can put a notice up in their window and proclaim to the world that they’re an accountant? They don’t need any qualifications whatsoever. Given the complexities of some financial regulations, that’s a sobering thought isn’t it?

That most certainly isn’t the case with Whitehead and Aldrich. Not only do we have a brass plaque, as befits a historic building off Winkley Square, but we have a team of five qualified accountants, along with eleven support staff providing a wealth of experience.

Amongst our team we have specialists in many areas of accountancy, tax and business planning so you’ll always be sure of receiving the very best advice.

Whilst we are a reasonably sized practice, giving us an enviable breadth of knowledge and experience, all of our clients always have one point of contact and we hope they never feel they are being passed from pillar to post (we’ve heard this sometimes happens at larger establishments).

Gary Higham - C & W Berry Limited

Here at C & W Berry Limited we value longstanding, loyal business relationships with trading partners and professional advisers alike and our relationship with Whitehead & Aldrich is one such relationship. We have always found that Whitehead & Aldrich offer good professional advice that you can trust and at competitive rates. After all, if you didn't have confidence in a business adviser, you wouldn't remain a client for over 30 years. As one of the longest standing accountancy practices in Preston, Whitehead & Aldrich pride themselves on the service they deliver to clients and this is backed up by extremely professional, well trained staff. Whitehead & Aldrich have always had good staff retention levels which means that, when they are acting in their role as company auditor, staff continuity isn't an issue. This in turn means you don't have to explain your systems to audit staff year after year. Keep up the good work W & A!