Fancy working for Whitehead & Aldrich? You wouldn’t be the first! Most companies go on and on about how their staff are their most important resource so we won’t say anymore than, well, they are.

Our staff not only need to be properly qualified so they know what they’re talking about in terms of accounting, but they also need to interact with our clients in a professional and friendly manner. After all, how we look after our clients is a large part of why they stay with us.

We work hard to recruit the right people and we work even harder to support them in their professional progression.

We believe we’re getting it mostly right and think proof of this can be seen by our record of staff retention. For instance, over the past couple of years Delya Tomlinson retired after 38 years with the firm, Richard Mullineaux stayed for 34 years, Stella Bennett was still smiling when she retired after 41 years but leading them all was Patricia Burgess who was with us for 48 years!

They didn’t stay because the front door was locked, they stayed because Whitehead & Aldrich is a cracking place to work.

We don’t actively encourage people to submit their CVs to us unless we’re actually recruiting so if you’re interested in joining us, please check this page regularly because if we are recruiting there will be details of the position posted here.