Payroll Bureau – Preston, Lancashire

The process of administering payroll duties is a task for highly trained professional accountants, no matter what size of business...

The process of carrying out this task ‘in-house’ means assigning a large amount of resources to an accounting team to do this for you; resources which could possibly be better spent elsewhere.

You can easily take this huge responsibility and drain on resources off your back by giving us a call on 01772 259625 to discuss how you can allow our experienced professionals to manage your payroll on your behalf.

No commitments need to be made over the phone, just call us and we will guide you through exactly how we can help your business to perform more efficiently.

There is no limit to the size, structure and field of business we can help with; we have the means to be able cover anything and everything.

At Whitehead & Aldrich, we can help you with:

  • Providing an efficiently managed business payroll service
  • A comprehensive payroll service for small and medium sized businesses
  • The assembly of BACS lists for online financial transfers
  • Regular and detailed payroll reporting and statistics
  • A completely tailor-made service specific to your business
  • A cost effective solution to your payroll problems

Even if you are already outsourcing your payroll duties to another company, and you are unsure of the value for money you are getting, you have had issues with customer service, or errors have been made, you can call us on 01772 259625 to discuss how you should be treated, and how we can take over this responsibility and customise our services to your business’s requirements.

Julie & Howard Cheetham - Empire Business Support Limited

Ever ready with help and advice, Jonathan has become a vital cog in our day to day operation. A down to earth guy with a sense of humour, his (and his associates at Whitehead & Aldrich) friendly approach means that we don't hesitate to pose our questions to him and he always points us in the right direction. Support and encouragement all the way