Red Curl Photography

Based in Lancashire, Red Curl provides a wide range of photography although the main part of their work is portraiture and wedding related photography.

Red Curl Photography was established four years ago by photographers Casey Evans and Joseph Gibson and they’ve been working with Whitehead & Aldrich for three of those four years.

Based in Lancashire, Red Curl provides a wide range of photography although the main part of their work is portraiture and wedding related photography. Whilst they’re happy to travel further afield, their main client base is within the North West of England.

Wedding photography
Child portrait
Dog photo

As a company keen to support local businesses, they considered numerous options in and around Lancashire and opted for Whitehead & Aldrich as their long history gave them the confidence that they were likely to be an honest, trustworthy and reliable firm.

Three years into their relationship Casey comments, “It really does feel as if there isn’t anything that is too much trouble for them, even though I probably ask some pretty silly questions. Actually, I remember contacting them one Christmas Eve with a major accounting problem I was having. Looking back now that seems rather extreme but at the time I was really stressed out. I needn’t have worried, my questions were answered and my problems were sorted, all in time for Christmas! In general, I usually communicate with them on the telephone or by email, apart from our more in depth, strategic meetings. I’d say I ask them questions by email most months and maybe speak to them on the phone eight times a year.”

Like most of us non accounting types, Casey admits to finding all the bean counting rather tedious and mind numbing. Without the occasional gentle nudge from Whitehead & Aldrich the Red Curl accounts would get hopelessly ignored and the financial side of the business would begin to drift. Casey continues, “It’s reassuring to know that the Whitehead & Aldrich team are looking after things in the background for me without too much input from me, and whenever they contact me for some information they need it feels more like a supporting arm guiding me rather than a kick up the bum!”

When asked whether Whitehead & Aldrich have helped her make informed decisions regarding her business and can she identify anything in particular that they’ve helped with, Casey responds quick as a flash, “Oh yes, the best guidance they’ve given us was how we should pay ourselves from the business and along with the associated tax advice this has meant that we’ve been able to get a mortgage to buy a house. I can’t tell you how much that means to us!”

Casey sums up, “I feel supported by everyone at Whitehead & Aldrich, without ever being nagged for information and I’m never fearful of asking them questions in case it’ll cost me money or I’ll be made to feel stupid. I believe my business and personal finances are in a far better shape than they ever would have been if I didn’t have Whitehead & Aldrich helping me make sound financial decisions. If you’re looking for an accountant, get on the phone to Whitehead & Aldrich straight away!