Business Start-Up – Preston, Lancashire

The majority of people looking to start their own business take on this massive task because they believe that they have not only a great business proposal, but also the dedication, commitment and drive to see that proposal realised.

While this in itself is a great reason to take the plunge, so to speak, it is also important to ensure that your business finances are organised and controlled from the very beginning; something which many entrepreneurs do not have the expertise to facilitate.

HMRC compliance regulations, PAYE, Tax returns, VAT, import / export tax; all these issues can be extremely daunting for new business owners, causing many to fall behind before they have even begun.

This is where we, Whitehead & Aldrich, come in. If we take control of these measures for you, you can concentrate on important tasks that have direct relevance to your company’s success.

Our team of trained experts can support you with our extensive knowledge of the processes and procedures, problems, constraints, benefits and loop-holes start-up businesses have to endure and make use of in order to succeed.

Working in conjunction with us will enable you to hit the ground running with regards to your accounting requirements and meeting compliance legislation.

Just book yourself in for a consultation with us and we can guide you through activities such as:

  • Deciding on the most appropriate structure for your business; whether it be sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership or limited company;
  • Preparing models and budgets such as a business plan, cash flow projections or trading forecasts;
  • Deliberating the financial requirements of your business model and helping with sourcing and preparing proposals needed for outside investment or loans;
  • Preparing the foundations for a strong and solid, long-term relationship with your bank;
  • Finalising company registration procedures with HMRC and Companies House;
  • Deciding on the most appropriate computer hardware and software needed to install accounting software, and preparing that software to work efficiently with your business;
  • The creation of a recording system for use internally in your business and to ensure compliance with statutory regulations
  • Preparing, organising or reorganising your bookkeeping, along with VAT, payroll and other requirements; and
  • Making sure that any secretarial issues, business compliance concerns or administration difficulties are smoothed over.

Julie & Howard Cheetham - Empire Business Support Limited

Ever ready with help and advice, Jonathan has become a vital cog in our day to day operation. A down to earth guy with a sense of humour, his (and his associates at Whitehead & Aldrich) friendly approach means that we don't hesitate to pose our questions to him and he always points us in the right direction. Support and encouragement all the way