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Delya Tomlinson retires

Delya Tomlinson retires

Delya retired from Whitehead & Aldrich in March 2018 having spent 38 years with the firm.

Throughout this time she has been an integral member of the team whose advice was truly valued. In the 1980’s Delya became the firms first computer payroll bureau manager and played a key role in the provision of computerised services for both clients and the firm. She will be pursuing her many interests which include maintaining her garden and growing an assortment of fruit and vegetables.

We wish Delya a long and happy retirement.

Richard Mullineaux retires

Richard Mullineaux Retires

Richard Mullineaux, Senior Partner at Whitehead & Aldrich is retiring at the end of September after 34 years with the firm.

He started his career in accountancy as an articled clerk in Preston with Moore and Smalley in 1965 and after becoming a fully qualified Chartered Accountant in 1969 moved to Deloitte in Manchester.  After 14 years in Manchester, Preston finally exerted its pull on him and he returned to his home city to join Whitehead & Aldrich.

Over the years, Richard has formed long standing relationships with many clients, offering advice and support to aid their business growth.  In some cases, he’s even seen businesses pass from one generation to the next!

During his 34 years with the firm there has hardly been a day when Richard was not present.  His dedication and his sage advice will be missed by both the firm and its clients.  We wish Richard and his wife Linda a long and happy retirement.

Introducing Ellen Gregory

The partners would like to introduce Ellen Gregory who joined the firm on Tuesday 6th June as our Personal Tax Manager.

Ellen has been with her previous firm in Manchester for 20 years and she worked for HMRC for 7 years prior to that and so she is ideal for the role. We have been very fortunate to find somebody so suitable in such a short time. Ellen will be in touch regarding your Self-Assessment Tax Return. Her email address is and her direct dial number is 01772 824 125.

Stella Bennett retires

The partners are sad to announce that Stella, our personal tax manager, has decided to retire due to ill health. Unfortunately Stella has been beset by illness and injury for some time now and has come to the view that she is not going to be fit enough to return to work. Having worked for Whitehead & Aldrich for an incredible 41 years this is not how Stella had envisaged her retirement and had hoped to work for a few more years but she has accepted that this is no longer a possibility.

The Partners are indebted to Stella. She has been a mainstay of the firm and she has made a massive contribution in terms of her efficiency, technical knowledge, dealing with clients and meeting deadlines.

Patricia Burgess retires

Patricia Burgess Retires

On 22 June 2012 Patricia Burgess retired after having worked for the firm for a remarkable 48 years. During that time she has been extremely loyal, trustworthy and reliable, a real asset to the firm. Patricia was much respected by those clients and staff who have had the pleasure of working with her. She has been a very valuable member of our team, and we have been very privileged to have known her. We would like to express our gratitude and thanks for all her hard work over the last 48 years and on behalf of all Partners and staff we would like to wish Patricia a happy and healthy retirement for many more years to come.

Here at C & W Berry Limited we value longstanding, loyal business relationships with trading partners and professional advisers alike and our relationship with Whitehead & Aldrich is one such relationship. We have always found that Whitehead & Aldrich offer good professional advice that you can trust and at competitive rates. After all, if you didn't have confidence in a business adviser, you wouldn't remain a client for over 30 years. As one of the longest standing accountancy practices in Preston, Whitehead & Aldrich pride themselves on the service they deliver to clients and this is backed up by extremely professional, well trained staff. Whitehead & Aldrich have always had good staff retention levels which means that, when they are acting in their role as company auditor, staff continuity isn't an issue. This in turn means you don't have to explain your systems to audit staff year after year. Keep up the good work W & A!

Gary Higham, C & W Berry Limited